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Shan Raffel

“Shan has pioneered and championed a global paradigm shift in fire fighting techniques that are now accepted as standard practice. His expertise in this area is what drives QLFA seamlessly through the industry”

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Recent Posts

  • "Spark of genius takes honours" Good Design Awards Featured

    Well done QLFA! After four fantastic years of research and development, QLFA is proud to announce we won a Good Design award for our category, we also won the Parton's Prize for excellence in innovation and secured a position in The Powerhouse Museum's Design Exhibition. From the Good Design Judges: “Any product that aims to save lives should ...
    Jun 03 Tags: Awards
  • “Advances in training and equipment for modern ERT's in isolated MHF and complex industrial facilities"

    QLFA's MD Sebastian Jacobs will be presenting the Fire Engineering Conference hosted by the IFE, held in Noosa this April. The following excerpt was excepted: This presentation will look at advances in training and equipment for modern ERT’s in isolated MHF (major hazard facilities) and complex in ...
    Mar 26 Tags: Untagged
  • Wilh Wilhelmsen Discuss QLFA Packs Featured

    In many ways, firefighting presents itself as a traditional, almost innovation-resistant profession.American firefighters still wear the large helmets their great-grandfathers fought blazes with, and why not? With iconic images of firemen charging towards a blazing inferno with hose draped over their shoulder it only paves the way for more of the s ...
    Dec 01 Tags: Untagged
  • Amid govt apathy, Aussie trains Nepali firefighters Featured

    KATHMANDU, MAR 06 - It was entirely a new experience for Shaligram Thapa on Wednesday during his yearlong career as a firefighter at the Juddha Fire Brigade (JFB). Read the full story here ...
    Mar 09 Tags: Untagged
  • ABC Radio National Featured

    Fast Lay Fire Hose Updated February 12, 2012 1200 If you can turn on the water the fast-lay fire hose is for you DESLEY BLANCH : An Australian fire fighter has come up with a faster and more efficient system to deploy hoses in a hurry.SEBASTIAN JACOBS : It means that the emergency response team members can respond and deploy 60 metres of hose ...
    Feb 13 Tags: Untagged
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