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150 Years combined service

QuickLay Fire Attack (QLFA) is the first end-to-end solution for rapid reliable fire hose lay.

Our expertise spans the design, manufacture and implementation of packs store and deploy lay-flat fire hose.

QLFA supplies specialist fire protection solutions to the mining, marine, industrial, commercial and retail industries.

The QLFA Team is comprised of a healthy combination of industry hard-hitters who's reputation has global reach and forward thinking 'can-do' people who see a problem as a challenge.

Our sales team are not of the 'smarmy' buy-now mold. They are relationship building professionals who, inline with QLFA's mission statement "want to see the only hose lay solution on the market on your truck".

At QLFA we are completely aware that different departments have different ideas and we would be out of touch if we thought one size fits all- subsequently we will work with you to fit our solution to your needs.

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