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Water Fanned Fire

Taking the shortest route isn't always taking the quickest and certainly not the smartest route.

Jet reaction is an obvious force of energy that is a result of pressurised water exiting a nozzle. Another not so obvious but significant force of energy is the vortex of air that accompanys the water stream. It is this vortex of air that can push the fire deeper into the involved compartment.

On arrival to an incident, fire fighters will usually use pre-connected lines straight from a fire appliance. Due to the nature of pre-connected line deployment the hose needs to be stretched in a reasonably straight line, this makes circling the house or building in an effort to fight the fire and push it back on itself too time consuming.

The QuickLay Packs are the solution to the shortest route syndrome. Deploying the Fire Lay Pack then the Fire Attack Pack a standard house fire can be hit head on.

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