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QLFA should be your First Resort

Managers of hotel resorts are faced with a multitude of challenges when it comes to maintaining a safe environment for guests, staff and assets.

When it comes to fire safety, resorts that are located in remote or isolated locations have the added component of being quite some distance form the nearest fire station. For resorts like these the on-site staff will most likely be the first responders to a fire. However, with limited fire fighting equipment (most likely only extinguishers) resort staff would not be able contain a developing fire.

The QuickLay packs are designed to make tackling a developing blaze both easy and safe for the resort staff- with more water at their hands they can keep a safe distance from the fire while applying 50x more effective power than an extinguisher.

An emergency response team with a QuickLay pack is therefore capable of tacking a developing fire from a safe distance.

Reasons why it's important

  • Typically resorts are beachside and are exposed to prevailing wind, which can fan the fire
  • Hotel guests are relaxed and can sometimes be complacent- increasing the risk of acidental fire ignition
  • The assets at stake at hotel resorts are in the millions of dolllars

Benefits of an onsite emergency response team

  • Employees have local knowledge of 'short-cuts', hydrants, occupancy
  • Employees have swipe/key access reducing damage and saving time


The QLFA First Resort Package

  • Our trainer will attend your venue and deliver training in the use of our packs
  • We will look at the high-risk areas for fire
  • All hydrants will be mapped (if they're not already)
  • We will record it all and provide a secured web-portal for you to revisit or direct new staff for induction training

We understand that your venue may already have a great relationship with a fire training firm- We are happy to work in with their training program or simply supply our packs and whatever equipment you require- We don't want to be home wreckers!


The cost will vary largly based on your current situation including:

  • Location
  • Training requirements
  • Equipment needed (in addition to your current stuff)


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The best part of our job is working with Fire Fighters and those who want to improve the efficiceny and safety of Fire Fighters!

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Lay Pack

  • Light Weight - thin design
  • Flaked Deployment
  • 38mm/1.5" Attack Hose
  • Deploys as fast as you walk


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Attack Pack

  • Light Weight - thin design
  • Coiled Deployment
  • 38mm/1.5" Attack Hose
  • Deploys instantly in a confined space

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Big Lay Pack

  • Light Weight - thin design
  • Flaked Deployment
  • 70mm/2.5" Delivery Hose
  • Deploys as fast as you walk

big lay pack side

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  • One handle, one pull deployment
  • Ideal for Emergency Response Teams
  • Fits all standard hose sizes
  • Deploys into a coil in restricted areas



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