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Hose Tangles, Kinks and Hook-ups

Unrolling a hose in the drill yard at a typical fire station is easy. Just undo the strap (in dry gloves) and bowl (on level, clear ground). However under real pressure, in the dark, up a hill or between obstacles usually proves to be very challenging and all this is before water is called for.

The QLFA Packs been seperately and collectively challenge tested in the toughest of environments, including:

  • A dark stairwell
  • A terrace house
  • A balcony
  • An underground car pack
  • A subterranean mine

The QLFA Packs will not tangle in these environment.

Deployment Consistancy

The QuickLay Packs will always perform in the same mannor. This allows the operator to become very proficient in tough environments because the deployment characteristics will remain consistant regardless of smoke, pressure, deployment space or terrain.

Where managing a loose flaked hose in the dark may get snagged or kinked in the dark.

Hose Deployment Issues:

The following size up tool can demonstrate the issues fire fighters come up against on a daily basis and the subsequent risk of hose deployment issues.

Rate each of the issues below out of 20 for a standard terrace house fire on a windy night at 2am with a mixed, unfamilier crew.

Obsticals /20
Visibility /20
Terrain /20
Entry point area /20
Crew cohesion (ability, worked together before, experience) /20

% percent probability of fire extinguishment
delays due to avoidable hose deployment issues


The QuickLay Packs have been designed to mitigate these issues. This is achieved because the hose can be deployed around or next to obsticals, it doesnt require unrolling so visibility isnt as much an issue, the entry point area can be as small as 1m or 3' and the system is very straight forward so team work is usually quite simple.

For this reason we believe you will reduce the figure by 90%


Length Conversion and Glossary

  • 30m = 100'
  • 38mm = 1.5"
  • 70mm = 2.5"
  • Stretch = to deploy a line of hose between two points
  • Supply = a pressurised water source
  • Delivery = to deliver water to fire fighters
  • Preconnected Flake = hose stowed loose in trays or beds
  • Coil = hose that is coiled and can be charged on the spot
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