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Industry Standard

Until now, no industry hose lay standard has been set. There are many variations and ideas and most achieve the goal of water supplied to the fire however there's the potential for situational issues to occure due to

  • Fire fighter inexperience
  • Human error
  • Drastically different fire conditions than the training conditions
  • Wind driven fires (high rise)

The Million Dollar Hose Lay Question: "What If..."

To prove the variations that exist in hose lay ideas we encourage you to ask your colleagues how they would deal with the Fire Fighting Scenarios we have detailed. You will find a varied and usually not incorrect combination of hose lay techniques and hose deployment methods will result.

We encourage crews to approach their task of fire fighting with an open and adaptive attitiude however for the fundermental task of getting water to the fire we are proud to present the first end to end hose lay solution.

To provide this solution, we needed to find and accommodate the commonalities of hose lay.

What we know is standard is:

1. Fire fighters need to stretch a hose from a pressurised supply point to a door or point near the fire.

2. Fire fighters need workable hose deployed at the entry point to allow the operators to advance and fight the fire effortlessly.

We don't want to change the age old common sence task of laying hose, we have just worked to provide you with a very affordable tool to subtract the unknowns giving fire fighters more time and energy for the task at hand.

To use the analogy - Consider a car that required both front wheels to be independently steered- it would require complete concentration meaning unexpected events like a dog running out would be poorly dealt with- using technology to steer the wheels together removes a large component allowing the driver to focus on the extra-ordinary task at hand.

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