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Rapid High Rise Fire Hose Deployment

High rise fires present with some key issues to be considered, including:

  • Built environment - construction, fire rating
  • Wind driven & ventilation factors - height, wind conditions at fire floor level
  • Evacuations
  • Extreme fire behaviour
  • Sprinklers
  • Pressurised water supply
  • Additional crew arrival time
  • What will they do? Do they know what you have done/are doing?
  • Hose Deployment Area - confined areas
    • Fire Stairs
    • Fire Stair landing
    • Balcony
    • Hydraulic Platform

Confined Fire Hose Deployment

Hose deployment in a confined space can very quickly wind up in tangles and subsequent deployment of unnecessary hose. The QuickLay Packs provide a very simple yet effective process to avoid these situations

Coloured packs and crew assignment

The packs are red, blue and are assigned to each crew meaning they work together to stretch and deploy their easily identified hoses.

Different jobs, same basic needs

We have identified that regardless of the type of fire scenario what is common is there is a distance to stretch hose and a point to deploy the hose you need to fight the fire, this fire fighting hose needs to be easily advanced.

The Attack Pack and Lay Pack are ideal for a high rise building involved in fire because of this.

When combined with the appropriate hose lay technique the packs synergise to form a rapid hose lay solution, deployed in 60 seconds.

Use of gated breechings and nozzle/branch inline shutoff valve

QuickLay Fire Attack packs are more than two bags that carry and deploy fire hose.

It is a tool for your toolbox that allows for hose to be stretched on the fly and hose to be coiled on the spot.

The packs with the hoses alone will achieve a standard deployment of 60 meters however with the addition of a larger hose split into two attack lines using a gated wye/breeching piece doubles the weight of attack in a short period of time.


Length Conversion and Glossary

  • 30m = 100'
  • 38mm = 1.5"
  • 70mm = 2.5"
  • Stretch = to deploy a line of hose between two points
  • Supply = a pressurised water source
  • Delivery = to deliver water to fire fighters
  • Preconnected Flake = hose stowed loose in trays or beds
  • Coil = hose that is coiled and can be charged on the spot
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