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Advancing hose is not easy!

When a lay-flat hose is traditionally deployed fire fighters usually organise the hose into shorter flakes around the entry point to the fire.

This method has become the accepted practice simply because essentially it works, however at a cost to:

  • Fire fighter physical exertion - they're burnt out managing hose before they get inside to fight the fire
  • Hose and couplings get caught up on the door and surrounding obstacles

The Attack Pack deploys a charged hose into a coil, it therefore uncoils straight into the open door, eliminating the issue of friction and the additional weight of long flakes.

Coiled hose at your feet

The Attack Pack gives the fire in fire fighters the luxury of a full length of hose fully charged and ready to deploy in less than 60 seconds.

It wont tangle, it wont kink and it means that only the amount of hoses needed is dragged the remaining amount is stored ready in the coil.





Two completely different hose rolling techniques

Based on the established need for two lengths of hose deployed and charged in less than 60 seconds our solution consists of two different rolls:

  1. Attack Pack - Deploys in a coil ready to advance into a hostile environment
  2. Big Lay and Lay Pack - Deploy as a flaked length of hose from the pack carried by the operator, designed to fill the space between the supply point and the entry point.

Length Conversion and Glossary

  • 30m = 100'
  • 38mm = 1.5"
  • 70mm = 2.5"
  • Stretch = to deploy a line of hose between two points
  • Supply = a pressurised water source
  • Delivery = to deliver water to fire fighters
  • Preconnected Flake = hose stowed loose in trays or beds
  • Coil = hose that is coiled and can be charged on the spot
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