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Where there's fire there's smoke (except in Hollywood)

Posted by Sebastian Jacobs
Sebastian Jacobs
Keen Australian based fire fighter
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on Tuesday, 05 July 2011
in Industry Insights

Fact v's Fiction - Hollywood would have us believe we are bullet proof in a fire...

As humans our appreciation of fire is well developed - 'bestfriend but- worst enemy' is a maxim I remember from school, so people generally 'get-it' when it comes to fire.

However, Hollywood's portrayal of fire and the effect the resulting smoke has on the human body has a lot to answer for: in their defense the last scene of 'Backdraft' would be pretty beige if all we saw was a blurred glow of fire through the thick black turbulant smoke and not Brian McCaffrey (aka William Baldwin) smash the top off a fire extinguisher and throw it in the burning factory, all without breathing protection...

The reality is:

"the onset of smoke and heat can only be fully appreciated and given the respect it deserves when observed and experienced firsthand - which unfortunately in some cases, is too late".

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