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Hose, equipment and the fire response industry

QLFA & Emergency Response Teams

Posted by Sebastian Jacobs
Sebastian Jacobs
Keen Australian based fire fighter
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on Sunday, 26 February 2012
in Emergency Response Teams (ERT)

The fire fighting industry has evolved slowly but surely to a point where the role of a “fire” fighter has diversified into rescue, hazmat and most significantly now prevention.

This step forward has created a vacuum that is drawing everyday employees into initial fire attack roles using more substantial equipment.


Essentially this is great a rapid and significantly sized weigh of attack is imperative to if not extinguish, at least contain a fire in its infancy. However it should be noted that the progression to this model needs to be carefully and deliberately executed.

The implications of a lay flat fire hose in untrained hands are many, including electrocution or unnecessary water damage.

It’s also possible that the rolled lengths of hose placed around the work place are not deployed correctly, resulting in kinks or hose failure. It’s also possible that the charged lengths of hose are too heavy to quickly advance when filled with water.

The QLFA Packs have been designed to give emergency response team members with limited fire fighting experience a tool that is safely portable, extremely versatile and ultimately provides a significant impact on the fire.

In short, an emergency response team equipped with QLFA Packs and an understanding of modern fire attack are best positioned to save life and property during fire emergencies

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